LGC (Legend Go Client) Installation

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In order to play Go games on LGS, you have to download LGC (LGS Client). You can always download the newest version of LGC from http://LGS.TaiwanGo.net .

Please download version 1.0.4 (file name: LGC-1.0.4-install.exe).


The following windows will pop up after you click on the link to download LGC. If you choose "Save", you have to start the installation program manually from the location(folder) you save the file. You also can choose "Run" to start the installation immediately.


Following window will appear on the screen, this is LGS (Legend Go Server) End-User License Agreements. If you accept the EULA, please click "Accept" to continue. Otherwise, click on "Cancel" to quit the installation.


Next step is to choose the folder you want to install LGC, you also can install it into the default folder. Click "Install" to continue.


After the installation is complete, you can start LGC (click "Yes") or leave the installation (click "No").


An icon will be put on the desktop after the installation. You can double click on it to start LGC.


FAQ: Installation Problems

Incomplete/Corrupted Download


If this window popped during installation, it means the file is incomplete or corrupted. If this happens again after you download the files again, it's probably because your browser uses the file cached instead of re-downloading it.

Usually, your web browser saves temporally files on your hard drive to save bandwidth usage. This does not happen often, the most common case is the proxy you are using cached an incomplete file or your download was aborted during the first attempt. We suggest you following the following instruction to force your web browser to get newest file.

  1. Go to LGS website and find out the following URL address, then use right click to call out the menu and select "Copy shortcut" or "Copy URL".
  2. Restart your web browser, right click on the URL input area and select "Paste". Then add ?12345 to the end of the URL where 12345 could be any number. Press Enter key to download.
  3. If failed, try again with a different number.

Windows Vista Installation Notice

When you try to install LGC on Windows Vista, a security alert window may pop up. Please allow the installation program to run and follow the steps described earlier. Following is the screenshot:


If you can not update LGC on Windows Vista, please run LGC as an administrator to update it. Following screenshot shows how to do it.:


Log on/Log out

Log on LGS

To run LGC, double click the shortcut on the desktop


Fill in your "account" and "password" and click on "Log in"。To register a new account, please read 1.2 Creating Your LGS Account


If LGC main window pops, you have successfully logged in. Please read 7.4 連不了LGS時該怎麼辦 for troubleshooting。


Log out and quit LGC

To quit LGC, use "Options>Log out and quit LGC" from the menu bar, you also can use hotkeys "Alt-F4".


Clicking Close.jpg will only minimize LGC to the taskbar but not quit it. If you want to quit LGC when it is minimized, right click on the icon at the taskbar, choose "Log out and quit LGC".


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